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Automobile Scrap Recycling FAQs

Firstly, you will have to mail us a scanned copy of each vehicle document, such as RC, insurance, etc., with a request to recycle your vehicle. After this, we will help you with the further process. By doing this, you can become a great example for others and motivate them to be Eco Champ like you.
Every vehicle bought is registered in Government records. Therefore, you need to make sure that no one uses your vehicle for illegal purposes. You have to register your vehicle when you buy it. In the same way, you have to deregister if you want to disown the vehicle.
Vardhman understands your love for your vehicles as the first vehicle purchased has a special significance. Every vehicle has a lifespan and has to be maintained to stay in good condition. Therefore, we promise to take proper care of your vehicle without causing any harm to the environment.
Old is not always gold. Sometimes your old vehicles can turn out to be a hazardous element for the environment. Maybe your car/bike is running perfectly, but it can turn out to be the principal causative agent for deadly air pollution. Moreover, according to Government Rules, it is mandatory to scrap your 10-year-old diesel and 15 years old petrol vehicle.
You all must be aware that old cars can be very hazardous if left out in an open environment for many years. In addition, there are many harmful components in old vehicles that could lead to severe health issues. Therefore, for the safety of your family, you should send the vehicle for recycling.
You should never forget that If you are recycling your vehicle, there’s no loss in that. Instead, you are doing a job of great pride by doing so. Moreover, after recycling the vehicle, you also get some additional scrappage value like tax benefits from the government, price discounts from the manufacturers of your next vehicle, and an Eco-Champ.
Vardhman Recycling is best known for its ethical ways of recycling and has got Government authorization too. We provide our service at a very reasonable price along with some benefits for your next purchase.
In simple words, the means of transportation of any non-living and non-living thing is said to be a vehicle. Moreover, they are equipped with an engine along with some mechanism to run it. At Vardhman, we provide expert service in operating all types of vehicles like airplanes, trucks, buses, cars, bikes, helicopters, etc., excluding bicycles.
Some recycling companies demand that everything is removed from the car’s frame before purchasing it, while others remove parts of the frame and sell them to mechanics and other auto parts buyers. In short, it is time-consuming to remove everything from the frame. Therefore, the best option is to choose a company that recycles the vehicle as it is.
Several factors determine the value of a vehicle at the end of its useful life, including the vehicle’s popularity, the number of salable parts it contains, and whether the car is already on the buyer’s car lot.

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