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Estimates say we will have
21 million de-registered vehicles by 2025


We have been a part of this global industry for the past 55 years

We have customised our according to the Indian subcontinent, with our learings from Europe and U.S.A, the pioneers of the auto recycling industry.

Every step of the process is handled by specialised experts and dedicated teams that take care of each metal type.
Ferrous Metals
Non-Ferrous Metals

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Because we truly care for our planet and see the process of auto recycling as giving back to the environment. We also promise to plant 5 plants on your behalf as a bonus to the gift you are giving to humanity by taking care of your retired vehicle’s hazardous waste and being a responsible global citizen.
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Vehicles when left abandoned especially after the end of a vehicle’s life can have detrimental effects on the environment. Therefore, to save the earth from the horrors of the abandoned scrap it is essential to discard the scrap in the most appropriate manner so that your vahan ( vehicle) is recycled and put to use in the best way possible.

Vardhman auto recycling is a pioneer of the car scrap business in India. We have an experience of more than two decades in recycling old cars and fetching our customers the best scrap value of a car. We are a full-fledged and authorised auto recycling company that can help you with discarding your old car according to the vehicle scrapping policy of the government of India. We also provide services of De- registration of vehicles, and provide green certificates for your environment friendly gesture.

There are not one but several benefits of scrapping old cars. By doing away with the end of life vehicles ( ELVs) you give yourself and other human beings less polluted air, you get more opportunities to lay your hands on new automobiles with advanced technology and obviously do yourself a personal favour by earning best possible car scrap prices.

Individual Vehicle User

Scraping your automobile yourself is a big task, it is often faster and more convenient to have someone else do it for you. Scrapping assures that the vehicle gets dismantled and recycled. The individual vehicle user should contact a licensed scrap dealer to have his or her vehicle scrapped. The dealer will ensure that the car is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

We provide services of connecting with RTA, de-registration, chassis & Engine no. surrender. Unauthorized recycling is illegal, punishable, unsafe & causes Environmental hazards.

Automobile Producers

Automobile producers, the federal government, and state governments have to work together to create a unique ecosystem that includes fitness centers and authorized recyclers to assess the condition of vehicles and ultimately scrap them.

The recently announced vehicle scrappage policy is projected to have a substantial impact on the Indian automobile industry. It will generate demand for new vehicles, particularly commercial vehicles. Customers who discard older vehicles will be rewarded by both the government and automakers, according to the scheme. The goal is to protect vehicle owner’s lives as well as limit their financial losses.

Government Authorities

Car scrapping policies are implemented by governments around the world in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers to ensure an increase in new vehicle sales while also removing inefficient vehicles from the road. Indian Government policies aim to cut 25-30 percent vehicular air pollution and ensure better fuel efficiency.

The Indian government has suggested and supported a car discarding scheme to combat pollution and the slowdown in the automobile industry. The goal of government policies is to remove old vehicles from Indian roadways. When a vehicle’s registration certificate has reached the end of its useful life, the owner can take the car to any government-approved scrapping center and relinquish it.

Environment Friendly

All stakeholders have recognized the environmental and safety benefits of a welldesigned system for removing unsafe or inappropriate vehicles from the road. Scrapping unfit vehicles will result in reducing air pollution and better air quality. An organized scrappage process can also improve resource efficiency by instilling circularity in vehicle manufacturing through the reuse and recycling of parts.

The goal is to change people’s thinking about cleaner commutes and open the market for brand new car types, including electric vehicles, to help the manufacturing industry thrive. This will aid in the promotion of fuel-efficient, environment-friendly automobiles, decreasing vehicular pollution and the cost of oil imports.

55 years of experience

We’ve been a part of this global industry for the past 55 years. By referencing Europe and the United States, the pioneers of the vehicle recycling sector, we have customized our recycling for the Indian subcontinent. We offer seamless and hassle-free services to assist you with all of the steps required in deregistering and recycling your vehicle.

Our staff is known for its advanced qualified individuals. Throughout the process, specialized experts and dedicated teams are in charge of each metal type. With years of experience, our qualified staff is equipped to handle your automobile recycling needs with ease. We believe in equal employment opportunities and aim to foster female craftsmanship. As such, 70% of our workforce is made up of women.

Expertise in waste segregation & deriving maximum output

Our device is capable of scrapping and recycling around 500 units each month. In Delhi, NCR, we are a licensed and registered auto recycler. We have expertise in waste segregation and deriving maximum output by offering auto dismantling and recycling services using our well-managed and environmentally friendly procedures.

We have authorized ELV collection and dismantling centers across India to pick up your retired vehicle and perform automobile dismantling services. The vehicles are initially transported to our nearest junkyard. Fuel, oils & other hazardous substances are removed carefully to save air, water & soil pollution. Mercury & other hazardous things are present in various components of Autowaste which is carefully extracted.

One stop solution to automotive recycling

We buy cars from private owners and through various procurement channels. The facility inspects the vehicle and recycles steel, batteries, electronics, engine parts, and other metals, among other things. It is our belief and main motivation to operate that the most efficient use of any usable thing can only be achieved through techniques of disposal.

We have licensed vehicle recyclers with additional cooperation with licensed hazardous waste recyclers, including electronic waste recyclers. We offer a onestop solution to automotive recycling as we handle the entire process, from towing a vehicle to dismantling, deregistration, and recycling.

A Green Certificate for your contribution to the world

Every automobile owner who recycles their vehicle here earns the title of Eco Champ and receives a Green Certificate. The Green Certificate is a certificate of destruction that includes information about your car and the date it was recycled. When the vehicle recycling procedure is complete, we issue the Green Certificate to the owners.

This certificate also validates that your vehicle was recycled in an environmentally beneficial manner and that you have just helped to make the world a better place. As a token of appreciation for caring for your retired vehicle’s hazardous waste and being a responsible global citizen, we will plant five plants on your behalf.

Moral commitment environment safety

We genuinely care about our environment and your automobile. Any recycling procedure is a form of environmental management. Therefore, we use our stateof-the-art gear to deconstruct the car in an ethical and environmentally safe manner by moving to recovery and recycling. Following strict health and safety regulations is always a top priority for us, and we make every effort to avoid contaminating the environment in any way.

Our dismantling and recycling facilities are ISO-certified, ensuring that ELVs are handled in an environmentally responsible manner. We have collaborations with registered and authorized recyclers for all other types of hazardous wastes, who further assist us in the environmental management of ELVs.

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Expertise in waste segregation & deriving maximum output

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55 years of experience

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